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Tyandaga Golf Course: A Golf Newbie’s Review

by Guest Writer

Although golf season is winding down, it’s not too late to get out there on the green!

Before I get into sharing my experience at the Tyandaga Golf Course, let me start by saying that I am a complete golf newbie. As in I’ve never played an entire game of golf even half seriously lol! To be honest, I’m more of a waterbaby so during the summer, you’re more likely to find me kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

But, here I am at Tyandaga on a Saturday morning because (1) I’m never one to back down from a good challenge (or an opportunity to play a sport even if I’m not really good at it, (2) there is no way I would stay indoors when it’s practically 20 degrees out (but a bit too cold to be out on the lake), and (3) I’d never pass up another fun adventure in Burlington!

Tyandaga Golf - entrance

When I arrived, I was probably more excited than your average golfer lol!

Before getting there was a different story. I had a bunch of questions about gear, dress code, etiquette…because remember, I’m a golf newbie!!! So in case there’s another golf newb who is wondering about the same things, here’s a quick overview of the stuff I asked about:

Dress code

  • No jeans, tank tops, track and jogging suits, gym shorts or cutoffs
  • Non-metal spikes only*

*My real question here, in regards to shoes (since I don’t own golf shoes) was “are trail running shoes okay?” And their answer was yes. Yay : )!


  • Check in at Pro Shop at least 10 minutes prior to tee time
  • No outside alcoholic beverages
  • Each player must be equipped with a golf bag and golf clubs
  • 2 Golf bags per cart
  • Slower groups may be asked by the Ranger to let faster groups play through
  • Must maintain their position on the golf course
  • No excessive use of profanity
  • Golfers must not hit until players in front are out of range
  • Always rake traps and fill divots on tees and fairways; repair your ball marks on green
  • Power carts must be kept at least 30 feet from all greens and aprons
  • When play of hole is completed, players should immediately leave the putting green

*Um…golf newbie = no golfing equipment at all lol! Thankfully, they provide rentals (as in whole golf bag full of clubs, lefty/righty and gender specific ones too). Yay again : )!

Tyandaga Golf - check in

The friendly Tyandaga staff answered all my questions which made me feel so much more comfortable and of course, more excited for my golf day!

I wasn’t too worried about the rest since I read up a bit on golf terminology to refresh my memory (I used to play Mario Golf LOL). Most importantly, I was going with my partner who is an experienced golfer that would be “supervising” me throughout the day J

After checking in, we hopped in our golf cart and were ready to play!

Tyandaga Golf - cart Tyandaga is a city-owned golf course with 18 holes located in the heart of Burlington. And at pretty much every hole, I would say to my partner, “you want me to hit the ball where? I can’t even see where the flag is!!!”

Tyandaga Golf - teeing off

Aside from me losing count of the number of shots I had to take just to get the ball three-quarters of the way down the fairway, I really enjoyed checking out this giant green space.

Tyandaga Golf

The 5,756 yard course is the largest, city-owned space in the urban area.  The smooth, rolly hills lined with tall trees that were just starting to change colours really made this a beautiful course.

Tyandaga Golf - views

Certain parts of the course were close to homes and hydro lines but there were also some spots where you could see the lake.

Tyandaga Golf - Pro tip

One thing I really liked about Tyandaga’s course was how varied each hole was. I felt like there was something for total beginners (where you could actually see the green like in the photo below)…

Tyandaga Golf - greens

No need to comment on the poor technique shown here please LOL

…and there were also more “interesting” holes for the golf pros with hazards like…

Tyandaga Golf - hazards

Diana: “I have to shoot over this tree-trench area?!”

Tyandaga Golf - pond

Diana: “I have to shoot over the pond and fountain?!”

Tyandaga Golf - in the water

Jason is shown here locating my ball and moving it (AKA sabotaging my game). 

He was worried I’d fall into the pond trying to hit it LOL.

Tyandaga Golf - sand trap

But no matter how pro you are, the sand trap gets everyone.

At around lunch, we wrapped up our game and headed back to the Pro Shop.

Some of the Tyandaga staff and other golfers I had met in the morning (and warned about my complete golf newbie-ness) asked about how my game went. It was really nice to see so many friendly and supportive people at Tyandaga as they all reminded me that the important thing is to have fun and that everyone started as a complete newbie : )

Tyandaga Golf - hole

I honestly could not have asked for a better first-time experience golfing. The weather was gorgeous, the golf course was beautiful, the people were friendly and I could not tell you how much I laughed.

Tyandaga Golf- the twirl

Jason: “Don’t twirl after you swing.”

Tyandaga Golf - putt

Although I think I’ll stick to stand-up paddleboarding as my main sport when summer comes around, I’m pretty sure I’ll have another golf day again: )

Tyandaga Golf - on the green

Whether you’re an experienced golfer (like Jason) or an absolute beginner (like me ), check out the Tyandaga Golf Course!

Tyandaga Golf 

Tyandaga Golf - Diana LeeDiana Lee enjoys outdoor adventure, being active and food (lots of all of the above please J) She is also an Oakley Womens Ambassador, a race reporter for Get Out There Magazine and a librarian (yes, a librarian).

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