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Sound of Music Kick Off Concert

by Linda Cvetanovic

Time to round up your goth-punk-rock lovin’ friends and mark June 11th on your calendar.  The Sound of Music Festival has a great line up planned for their 2nd annual kick off concert and I gotta say I’m super excited!  This is a ticketed event so make sure to buy early because I’m sure this line-up will be a sell out.


At the club on a Saturday night (or any other night – we were young), with the scent of the smoke from the fog machine in the air and rockin’ our awesome 80’s style, the unmistakable opening cords of this song sent us straight to the dance floor.

The Cult fronted by Ian Astbury have created a string of hits to choose from as they hit the stage for this one-day concert.

So if that wasn’t enough, move into the 90’s when I worked for a little record store (okay they sold CD’s by then) called HMV.  At our annual conference, I got my first taste of The Headstones fronted by Hugh Dillion.  The crazy energy that they brought to the stage brought me back to the 1980’s and those bands that made you want to jump in “the pit” and slam dance.   I was searching for a video that I wouldn’t have to label NSFW and I think I found it…..

so grab your docs, and get ready to rock on June 11th when The Headstones hit the stage!

The final band announced today was unknown to me until now.  With their first album released in 2013, this Canadian band may be newcomers but judging by their sound and video they are going to fit right in at the Kick Off Concert.  Check out The Glorious Sons here….

…then get online and get your tickets to the Sound of Music Kick Off Concert now.  Watch for more bands to be announced shortly and get ready to kick off 2 weeks of music in Burlington this June!

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