Licenses & Regulations

Fishing Licenses:

If you are a Canadian resident under 18 or over 65 you do not need a fishing license. For individuals over 18 years, or for international visitors, it is necessary to purchase both a fishing license AND an “outdoors card” (the only exception being that when the fishing license is valid for one day only, an outdoors card is not required). We suggest you refer to the Ministry of Natural Resources website or call at 1.800.667.1940 to determine what type of license and card you require, as well as the personal information required to obtain an ID.

To obtain a fishing license and outdoors card if you have NEVER owned an outdoors card: If you wish to begin fishing immediately, and would only like to purchase a one day fishing license, you DO NOT need an outdoors card. These licenses may be purchased online at Service Ontario Centres, or retail outdoors/sporting shops, including:

  • Bill’s Live Bait and Tackle – 858 Upper James Street, Hamilton (905.388.5873)
  • Burns Fishing – Suite 1, 685 Plains Road East, Burlington (905.681.8803)
  • Canadian Tire Burlington Fairview – 777 Guelph Line, Burlington (905.639.6711)
  • Canadian Tire Burlington North – 2070 Appleby Line, Burlington (905.335.8733)
  • Canadian Tire Hamilton Centre – Hamilton Centre Mall, Hamilton (905.549.1336)
  • Canadian Tire Hamilton Main – 304 Main Street East, Hamilton (905.528.8403)
  • Canadian Tire Stoney Creek – 686 Queenston Road, Stoney Creek (905.560.1601)
  • Fishing World Outdoor Center – 2411 Barton Street East, Hamilton (905.573.2288)
  • Sail – 2208 Industrial St, Burlington, (905) 592.0722
  • Tackle Shack – 26 Garfield Avenue South, Hamilton (905.549.6731)

During Ontario’s Family Fishing Week Canadian Residents do NOT need a fishing license to fish! All angling regulations still apply. Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby held in August is a family friendly catch and release event, which also features other activities and programs.

Quiet Fishing at Valley Inn by John Hanson

Quiet fishing at Valley Inn

Artificial Bait

  • Canadian Tire stores – artificial bait only – see above for locations
  • Burns Fishing Supplies – Suite 1, 685 Plains Road East, Burlington (905.681.8803)

Live Bait


Fishing location information from the Conservation Halton and Conservation Hamilton fishing pages.  Directions to locations from the Conservation Halton, Conservation Hamilton and Friends of Bronte Creek websites.


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Business/Organization Name Address Phone Number Website
Beachway Park 1100 Lakeshore Road 905.335.7738
Conservation Halton Parks 2596 Britannia Road W 905.336.1158
Hamilton Conservation Authority 838 Mineral Springs Road 905.525.2181
Hidden Valley Park 1137 Hidden Valley Road 905.335.7736
Hilton Falls Conservation Area 4985 Campbellville Sideroad 905.854.0262
Kelso Conservation Area 5234 Kelso Road 905.878.5011
LaSalle Park Marina Association 831 LaSalle Park Road 905.633.9483
Lowville Park 6207 905.335.7738
Mountsberg Conservation Area 2259 Millburough Line 905.854.2276
Robert Edmondson Conservation Area 10027 First Line
Valens Lake Conservation Area 1691 Regional Road 97 905.525.2183
Business/Organization Name Address Phone Number Website