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Ride a European Bike…in Burlington!

by Guest Writer

You don’t have to go all the way to Europe to ride a stadsfiets (Dutch bike)!
Located in Burlington, Urkai European Bikes & Rentals offers a wide variety of European bikes such as…
urkai bikes - bakfiet
(Dutch for “box bike” and yes, you can carry your kid in the basket like owner Andrew is doing here)

urkai bikes - grandma bike

(Dutch for “grandma bike”) or opafiets (“grandpa bike”)
Urkai Bikes - folding bike
Brompton Electric Folding Bikes
Urkai Bikes - foot bike
…and even specialty bikes like this foot bike!
They also offer some pretty elegant and unique bicycle accessories.
urkai bikes - bike accessory
This has to be my favourite…

urkai bikes - wine holder
…and here is how it’s supposed to work!  Don’t drink and ride though!
You can purchase any of the bikes above at their store and even try before you buy! Urkai offers bike rentals so we picked up a Dutch Commuter – Step Through by Eendraght for a test cruise around town.
Urkai bikes - rental
There is no shortage of places to ride to in Burlington as it’s a very cycling friendly community.
Urkai is also located very close to the Waterfront Trail, the #1 thing to do in Burlington as rated on Trip Advisor!
Urkai bikes - cycling trails
Our route took us through a serene park in a quiet neighbourhood…
Urkai bikes - cycling the trail
…right down to the beautiful scenic waterfront.
Urkai bikes - waterfront views
As a mountain biker who’s never been on a European bike, I was pleasantly surprised with the comfortable, upright seating position and closeness of the handlebars. What a difference! Especially the smooth, effortlessness in pedaling the bike!
Urkai Bikes - Comfy to ride
And as the name of the bike implies, you can easily step through the bike (note the low dip in the middle frame of the bike) and up onto the seat, meaning you could wear the poofiest prom dress or super tight skinny jeans and still ride this bike if you wanted!
The bike also has a built-in anti-theft device.
Urkai bikes - anti theft lock
Rental also includes an additional bike lock and bike accessories like bell and lights to make your wheels legal. Helmet or basket rentals are also available.
Whether you’re going for a mellow city cruise or running errands around town, definitely try these Dutch bikes out. I can see why they are so popular in Europe as they are so smooth and comfortable to ride around on.
If you are thinking of renting them out for the day, here are some suggested routes:
• Short & sweet: Pick up a treat at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and stop by the Tourism Burlington office to pick up some bike maps for your next cycling adventure.
Urkai bikes - stop at visitor centre
• Short & scenic: Head down towards the Brant Street Pier and then over to Burlington Beach Rentals for maybe a paddle session.
Urkai bikes - beach stop
• Moderate sight-seeing ride: Cruise the trail system and find your own hidden gems – download map here – Side 1
• Longer route (but not quite Tour de France long): Ride out to LaSalle Park and have an afternoon snack at Easterbrook’s Hotdog Stand like I did on a previous Burlington adventure.

Urkai bikes - storefront

Whether you’re looking to purchase a bike or rekindle your memories of riding a Dutch bike when you were on a Euro trip…visit Urkai European Bikes & Rentals!

Urkai bikes - Diana in the shoe

And when you visit them, you have to try out (or at least sit in it and take a photo) my favourite bike in the store…

Guest Writer, Diana Lee

Diana LeeDiana Lee enjoys outdoor adventures like camping, stand-up paddleboarding and cycling via mountain bike, road bike, fat bike and now Dutch bike (sitting in a clog bakfiet totally made her day 🙂
She is also an Oakley Womens Ambassador, a race reporter for Get Out There Magazine and a librarian (yes, a librarian). Find out where she’s exploring, how she’s keepin’ active and what she’s eating on Twitter & Instagram – @only1phoenixx

You can also check out the Tourism Burlington website for a quick overview of cycling in #BurlON

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