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Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day in Burlington

by Sally FitzGibbon

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are to live in Canada and particularly here in Burlington.

Sometimes we forget how blessed we are to be free, secure, and have so many other advantages in life that others around the world would envy.

Sometimes we forget that many people throughout the world suffer from the basic needs of life such as food, clean water, shelter, medical services, educational opportunities and the right of freedom of speech.

And yes, sometimes we forget that so many Canadian men and women have sacrificed their lives and suffered in so many world conflicts over the years, to protect and preserve these precious values for us all.

They continue to stand on guard for us, and thanks to them we are truly glorious and free.

On Saturday November 11th …. Don’t forget …. Just for a moment remember…..and join us if you can:

9:00 am – Sunrise Remembrance Day Service, Spencer Smith Park:  Burl-Oak Naval Veterans will be holding a 30 minute ceremony at the Naval Ships Memorial Monument in Spencer Smith Park – All are welcome.

10:30 am –    Remembrance Day Parade begins: Starts at Central Public School (Down Brant to Elgin – Elgin to Locust – Locust to Ontario)

11:00 am –    The Royal Canadian Legion will hold a 45-60 minute ceremony at the Cenotaph, by City Hall (426 Brant St).  All are welcome

Information available on the City of Burlington website.

Support the poppy fund by purchasing this token of remembrance available at Burlington City Hall or Tourism Burlington offices at 414 Locust St.

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