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by Kelly Harris

Some say November is a “blah” month but here in Burlington it’s definitely not blah. We’ve renamed it Novemburger as it’s the month to eat burgers!


Novemburger was first launched in 2014 in Hamilton as a way to bring business to the restaurants, while raising funds for the United Way.  It was an instant hit, with over 7000 burgers sold in 30 days.  Since then, more and more burgers have been sold and Burlington got involved.  Last year was Burlington’s first year to participate and we sold over 3770 burgers across Burlington at the 24 participating restaurants.  This year it’s the 5th anniversary for Novemburger and to date, over $60,000 has been raised by the event for the United Way.

This year we have 23 restaurants participating across #BurlON. Each restaurant creates a unique signature burger, which is then dubbed their Novemburger.  Then YOU get to go and eat Novemburgers and rate them after you eat them.  Burgers can be rated at the Novemburger site all month long.  At the end of the month the Burlington winner of  Novemburger of the Year and Most Novemburgers Sold will be crowned.  And the best part – not only do you get to enjoy delicious burgers ALL MONTH LONG but $2 from the sale of EVERY Novemburger goes to the United Way of Halton and Hamilton.


Who will be the 2018 winner? Last year Boon Burger Burlington won in both categories for their Beat the Heat burger – will they be the reigning champ again or will someone new claim the title? It’s all up to YOU!

Beat the Heat Boon Burger

This year offers an amazing variety of burgers – one piled high with Macaroni and cheese, another with a quasedilla built in (yes, you read that right!), a few offering brunch burgers and others with amazing gourmet toppings. Check out all the restaurants participating and their Novemburgers at and get planning where you are going to be burger-eating this month!

It’s time to Get Your Burger On #BurlON!


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