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My Resolution … Discover Burlington

by Pam Belgrade

New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice beginning from New Year’s Day.

What is it about the word resolution that sets your teeth on edge?  Is it that you know that they are unrealistic, challenging, or just plain not fun??  Well, I have certainly made my share of resolutions over the years and most unfortunately have not come to fruition.  So this year I am committed to making resolutions that I will not only fulfill but enjoy with family and friends.

My Resolution – Be a Tourist in my own Town.

So you are probably thinking, you work in Tourism, haven’t you been there, done that??  Well yes and no.  Although we are familiar with many locations popular for visitors, we don’t always get a chance to explore them, so that is my goal for 2016.  I want to experience first hand things that we refer visitors to.  I am going take along my camera, a friend or two and tweet along the way.  Here is my list:

  1. Test out whether the Magnetic Hill on King Rd. is the real deal or an urban myth.
  2. Hike the Iroquoia portion of the Bruce Trail that runs through Halton.
  3. Participate if I dare in the Burlington Ghost Walks to learn more about haunted Burlington.
  4. Check out the Fishway operation at the RBG (between Cootes Paradise and Hamilton Harbour).
  5. Try stand up paddle boarding at Burlington Beach Rentals.Beachway Park SUB and Kids playing
  6. During chocolate month this May take a tour of Walker’s Chocolate factory…a sweet treat!
  7. Get in touch with my creative side by learning a new art/craft at Art Gallery of Burlington.
  8. Acquire a taste for beer at the Winter Beerfest.
  9. Bike along the Burlington portion of the Waterfront Trail from RBG to Oakville.
  10. Get tickets for a least one local theatre

Now that I have put this down on paper I am excited to get started and will keep you posted on my progress!  Remember if you are looking for things to see and do give us a call or check our website or social media.


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