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It was the summer of ’86

by TourismBurlington
We have been doing some clean up at Tourism Burlington and came across some “blogs” from the summer staff of 1986.  Twenty-five years ago our office didn’t have the internet, social media and computers which means our summer travel counsellors used a typewriter or *gasp* hand-wrote their work summaries (which today we call blogs!)
Here are a few highlights from what we found, hope you enjoy these as much as we did.
“The summer of 1986 proved to be eventful for Pamela B., Lisa M., and Bill B., as they began their summer job on May 5 and continued through until September 5.  The three students’ duties began with a tour of local attractions of the Burlington area to familiarize them with the area and its facilities.  The travel counsellors then began their job promoting Burlington in their second week of employ.” 
Our fun and friendly counsellors

In 2011 we now employ seven travel counsellors and next Monday we will be sending them on a Familiarization trip to learn more about what to see and do in Burlington. Watch for an upcoming blogs on their adventures.

“The travel counsellors also had an opportunity to present Burlington at a variety of functions such as the Christie Do Festival, The Sound of Music Festival, Joseph Brant Day, and CNE Heritage Day.  These events took the travel counsellors out of the office, and gave them a great opportunity to sell the city to a large audience.”


This year our travel counselors are out and about again at local events and festivals.  So far we have attended The BAC Fine Art and Craft Festival, Doors Open Burlington, The Sound of Music Festival, Canada Day Festival, The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure and the Country & Blues BBQ.  Look for them at the upcoming Joseph Brant Day Festival, Sandcastle and Children’s Day Festival and Ribfest!
Look how charming they are!

“The V&C also afforded the opportunity to work in an office atmosphere.  There was a constant need for office skills such as telephone manners, typing expertise as well as all round office charm…Lisa on the other hand, hand produced the newsletter for the month of September.”


Today’s travel counsellors are still full of all round office charm just drop in and see!  They also are adept at e-media, texting, tweeting, posting, blogging, navigating the internet, and keeping us all in the know about the latest and greatest in pop culture and beyond.  We still produce a newsletter quarterly for our visitors and you can receive it right to your inbox by signing up online.
At the compass

“The second major event of this period was the Sound of Music Festival.  We worked outdoors answering questions from passing tourists, handing out literature about Burlington, and serving orange juice to all the parade participants.  It was quite an enjoyable weekend.”

Our travel counsellors are still a major presence at summer events and festivals  working in the information tents providing visitors with information about Burlington and more.  You’d be surprised what people ask our staff and probably more surprised to learn they usually have the answers!
A timely group


“The month of July has proven to be a boom month for tourism.  We had 3,400 visitors through the Information Centre. ..August 15, Heritage Day at the C.N.E. allowed two of the travel counsellors the opportunity to work in co-operation with some Board of Directors of the Visitor and Convention Bureau.  Grant C., Bonnie C., Jim G., and Carole N., spent the day promoting the city under less than ideal weather conditions.”
We don’t have our July visitations yet but in 2010 we greeted over 3,700 visitors and we now staff both our year round location on Locust St. as well as providing information at Discovery Landing and at festivals and events.
“The three of us also met Jane R., who is the Project Officer for Employment and Immigration Canada.  She asked the three of us specific questions about ourselves, and what are our future endevours.  She was also asking us about our jobs here at the Visitor and Convention Bureau, just to make sure things were running smoothly.  We told her not to worry because everything is perfect and we are enjoying ourselves immensely.  Of course, we cannot forget about our happy travelers as they are still lost and we are still helping them get back on their road to happiness!”


Summer 2011


At the end of the summer we hope that Elyse, Kat, Natalie, Ellen, Becky, Michelle, and Amy also had a great time here at the Visitor’s Centre.  They will definitely have lots of similar experiences to our summer staff of ’86 but with a 2011 flair.  As I finish writing this blog and giggle again about the use of white out on the typewritten pages I have just transcribed I wonder what the staff of 2036 will think of us.

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