Famous Burlingtonians

John Beeden - Rower

Beeden is the first person ever to row the Pacific solo,non stop, continent to continent (North America to Australia). In 2015, Beeden rowed daily for almost seven months (209 days), spending 15 hours a day propelling his six-metre boat named Socks. He lost 17 lbs. and covered more than 7,500 nautical miles while being tossed about in high seas and pushed back or 400nm by punishing winds.  In 2011 he rowed solo and uninterrupted across the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to Barbados which took 53 days.  He completed this adventure after having heart surgery only 16 months prior to this trip. Beeden is originally from Britain and lives with his Canadian wife and two daughters in Burlington. In 2019 John Beeden and his daughter Libby rowed from Portugal to the Caribbean in 91 days.

John Beeden Interview BBC, Sydney Australia

BBC Breakfast Interview January 1, 2016