Famous Burlingtonians

Dr. Paul Echlin - Sport Researcher

Dr. Paul Echlin is a resident and primary care sports medicine specialist at Burlington’s Elliott Sports Medicine Clinic. His research in sport related traumatic brain injury (concussion) is documented nationally and internationally. In 2011 Dr. Echlin was recognized by The Globe and Mail as number one ranked individual of the TOP 50 Sports Power Influencers in Canada.  He completed a Family Medicine residency at Wayne State University and a Sport Medicine Fellowship at Providence Hospital in Michigan.  In 2009, Dr. Echlin chaired the Hockey Concussion Summit in London, Ontario.  He also chaired the Hockey Neurotrauma and Concussion Initiative Research Committee.  Dr. Echlin currently serves as the Primary Investigator of the Hockey Concussion Education Project.  Dr. Echlin’s research has been published in medical journals and newspapers nationally and globally. Dr. Echlin has partnered with the Halton Board of Education to develop the Halton Student Concussion Education Program, the first of its kind in North America.  Dr. Paul Echlin was inducted into the Burlington Sport Hall of Fame in 2019.