Famous Burlingtonians

Diane Brady - Author/Editor

Diane Brady has interviewed many of the world’s leading business and political figures, both on stage and for media outlets worldwide.  She also speaks frequently on business issues for BBC, CNN, and NPR. Diane started her career at The Burlington Post, creating a weekly column called Youthbeat while attending Aldershot High School. After graduating from the University of Toronto, she studied at the University of Nairobi and the Columbia School of Journalism before getting hired to write for Maclean’s magazine. One of her first projects: helping create an influential ranking of Canadian universities, for which she won two national magazine awards. Diane later reported for The Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong and Bloomberg Businessweek in New York. Along the way, she developed a media literacy seminar for middle schoolers and initiatives to diversify the range of voices in news coverage, while also serving on the executive board of the Overseas Press Club.  Her book Fraternity was named an Amazon Best Book of 2012 and shortlisted for the NAACP Image Award. Diane currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she’s working on new media ventures and writing another book. She comes back to Burlington as often as possible, and says her three children consider it to be their second home.

I’m proud to be from a city that offers so much opportunity to be creative, from the performing arts camps to the Sound of Music Festival. I found my calling in journalism but I could have explored comedy, acting, art, entrepreneurship, or a number of other interests. My favorite memories involve exploring those opportunities.

– Discovering a passion for business when making cardboard tables and yule logs at Junior Achievement.

– Interviewing Rob Preuss of The Spoons at Central Library – in retrospect, not the best place to yack with someone — for my first YouthBeat column in The Burlington Post.

– Trying out for Godspell and Miss Teen Burlington, and failing at both but having a blast.

– Asking everyone if they wanted “mushrooms or mushroom sauce” with their steak at my first job, Ponderosa, then tripling my salary with a job in the kitchen at Joseph Brant Hospital

– Aldershot English teacher David Creighton taught me the joys of being wacky, taking us to recreate harvest rituals in a park and into Toronto to see the kitsch-filled apartment of a former student

– Dancing and sharing a plate of fries at Casey’s roadhouse. Apologies to the waitresses forced to serve on such a cheap table

– Competing in the Academic Decathlon with my pal Jinan Kubursi

– Doing an ongoing cartoon series with Judy Anderson – still an amazing artist –about fellow classmate Jim Hardwick during math class. (Years later, he sent me some he’d kept)

– Eating oatmeal muffins at the Burlington Mall

– learning to play tennis (badly) behind Holy Rosary School

– holding sleepovers in my parents’ vintage 1963 house trailer

– My father blasting Chuck Berry while driving several classmates to the airport for a debating tournament

– My parents dancing while singing “I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen” in the gazebo of our new house on Cherrywood Drive

– Seeing the cat of my dreams sleeping in its litterbox at a pet store on Brant Street

-Got to roam around the city, interviewing people for The Burlington Post