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Burlington Teen Tour Band - World Renowned Youth Marching Band

The Teen Tour Band started in 1947 with 75 members as the Burlington & District Community Girls and Boys Band under the leadership of Elgin Corlett, the Band’s founder and first music director.  In 1965, the band changed their name to the Burlington Teen Tour Band. In 1968, the City of Burlington took over the operations and Eric Ford was appointed the music director. Following Ford’s retirement in 1977, Assistant Director Don Allan took over the position until 1998 when Rob Bennett took over the full time position of Manager of Music Programs for Burlington. With this restructure, Sir William Hughes became only the 4th Music Director in the band’s history. In 2017, the Burlington Teen Tour Band celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Band 70th Anniversary - 3 Generations of Thomblison's BTTB members

Thomblison family BTTB members by Deb Tymstra of  YourTV