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Culture and the City

by Guest Writer

Discover Burlington’s Cultural Treasures

What is cultural mapping? Canadian municipalities are increasingly embracing cultural mapping, a way of gathering information about a community’s cultural resources, to use as an essential planning and development tool. Cultural mapping involves a community identifying and documenting its local cultural resources. Through this research, cultural elements that include a wide range of resources such as arts and heritage organizations, cultural industries and careers, and cultural and natural heritage are identified and recorded. The goal of cultural mapping is to help a community recognize, celebrate, and support cultural diversity for economic, social and regional development.

culture in the city

A sample of Burlington’s cultural assets including: Lady of the Lake fountain, Spencer Smith Park during the Sound of Music Festival, Central Park Labyrinth and a performance in the main auditorium of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Burlington has just relaunched its cultural map, an interactive tool that helps residents and tourists locate cultural assets across the city. Are you looking for an antique store, architect, dance studio, graphic designer, theatre company, art gallery, festival or event, artist studio, writer, band, photographer, music teacher, or public art throughout the city? If so, explore Burlington’s diverse cultural resources and Spot Culture! This interactive map offers a new way to discover the city’s arts, cultural and heritage resources – all the places you can go to enrich your experience of Burlington.

Get on the Map

Do you want to promote your artistic talent, cultural group, festival, business or collective across the city? Local creative organizations, businesses, and professionals are invited to create listings on the cultural map. This online tool provides information about cultural assets and resources available in Burlington. The map enables residents to add and maintain their own listings and search and discover other cultural resources including community cultural organizations, creative cultural industries, festivals and events, cultural facilities and spaces, cultural heritage, independent artists, natural heritage and public art. With its user-friendly interface and boldly innovative design, Burlington’s cultural map is one of the best, if not the best cultural map in Canada.

The Power of Place

What makes this place so different? When we live and breathe in an environment, it is difficult to stand back and describe its distinctive character. Cultural mapping is a tool that helps us identify and articulate these unique characteristics. The process engages a wide variety of residents and stakeholders in the planning process, identifies and uses local culture and identity to support economic and other community development objectives; and explores questions such as what images, places, stories and quality of life distinguish a community.


A conceptual rendering of Downtown Burlington looking north from the intersection of Brant St. and James St.


Cultural mapping enables us to understand and share culture, to rethink history, and to promote creativity and development. Engaging the community in the cultural mapping process promotes diversity and equality, builds civic identity, supports cultural sustainability and develops an inventory of Burlington’s cultural assets. A stronger knowledge base about culture in Burlington informs planning and policy, supports economic development and tourism, and expands access and participation. It allows a community to discover and rediscover the resources that contribute to the unique environment and qualities of that place. Open Burlington’s cultural map and fully immerse yourself in the city’s cultural treasures.

Guest writer: Adam Belovari


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