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Burlington’s Splitsville Entertainment

by Guest Writer

My recent visit to Burlington’s Splitsville Entertainment has made me realize how much fun bowling is. After recently coming home from university for the summer, I’ve been on the hunt for things to do. It looks like I’ve found something else to add to the list. Bowling is an activity that allows friendly competition in an atmosphere that still allows bowlers of various skill levels to enjoy themselves. I’m not going to mention my score here, because I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that impressive. My coworkers and I really enjoyed ourselves though. The entire Splitsville atmosphere really contributed to this.

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Splitsville isn’t just a bowling alley though. It’s an entertainment facility. I was surprised to see the words “Playdium Lite” next to the Splitsville signage when I arrived. As soon as you walk in, you really get to take in how much Splitsville has to offer. With 20+ lanes of bowling, a Playdium Lite games room, a full bar and food menu, Splitsville caters to all different age groups. Children can have plenty of fun as Splitsville offers bumpers and ramps to assist bowlers.   In addition, Splitsville converts itself into a 19+ only space after 10PM which features both live bands and DJs.

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I knew as soon as I walked in that Splitsville was unique. Other bowling alleys that I have been to make it seem as if you must eat/drink or bowl – you cannot do both at the same time. Splitsville staff alternatively brings food and drinks right to your lane so that you are able to enjoy both tasty snacks and beverages without disrupting your game of bowling.  Some lanes are even equipped with couches that enable your group to be super comfortable in between turns.

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Guests also have the ability to view not only their screen containing the score of the game but also other television screens with various sporting event broadcasts. In other words, I found it nearly impossible to be bored in between turns. If you’re anything like me and you stick with a single bowling ball for the whole game, you’ll be able to appreciate how quickly your ball of choice will be returned after rolling it down the lane.

Pro Tip: The airvent in front of where all the bowling balls are kept is actually to dry your fingers off before you bowl.

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If you’re looking for a great place to go bowling with an extremely modern and unique atmosphere, Splitsville is certainly the place. Everything from the welcoming staff at the front desk to the attentive waiting staff made Splitsville extremely memorable. If you’ve read this far and are thinking of checking out Splitsville, stop by the Tourism Burlington visitor centre to pick up a coupon for a free game of bowling. In addition, Splitsville is participating in the Kids Bowl Free program which enables kids to receive two free games of bowling per day, all summer long. For more information, you can visit Kids Bowl Free online.

Splitsville is also celebrating its 9th anniversary throughout the month of June. Information about their June specials can be found below.

I’m already looking forward to going bowling at Splitsville again. Based on my previous score, I might need the bumpers next time. No shame.

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