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Burlington Brunch Game is Strong

by Linda Cvetanovic

Gone are they days when the only time you thought about brunch was at Mother’s Day or Easter.  Food lovers want their brunch and they want it year-round! So for all you weekend warriors, we’ve rounded up the best locations and we have to say that the Burlington brunch game is strong.

If you’re like us, it’s always hard to choose which menu item(s) to try so we asked the staff at each location to give us their picks of “must try” items  and our local foodie friend Sid Friedman (you can view his culinary adventures here).  Warning photos and descriptions may cause drooling (you’ve been warned)

We’ve listed locations alphabetically because really how can be pick this best, it’s like picking your favourite child (it’s a secret)


If are not already a convert to the new look Burro we think this could be the turning point. Burro’s brunch menu is completely gluten free and latin-inspired –Buenos días! The brunch menu offers amazing dishes like Huevos Rancheros (Two crispy tostadas layered with refried beans and house gaucho sauce topped with two fried eggs, hot sauce & pico de gallo) but still pay an homage to old favourites like Eggs Benedict with fresh hollandaise and steak.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have a weakness for sweets so when I saw the must try pick for Burro, I *may* have drooled just a little on my keyboard. Burro is the only location in Burlington where you can try the addictive S’more Johnny-Cakes – amazing corn flour pancakes covered in house made whipped marshmallow and chipotle chocolate sauce that is lightly bruleed to perfection. It goes great with brunch cocktails.

Sid’s Pick:  At Burro, Sid went with the classic latin inspired Huevos Rancheros

What you need to know: Burro offers a brunch special on Saturdays along with the full regular menu on Saturdays from 11:30 till 3pm, and it offers a full brunch menu on Sundays from 11:30-3pm.

Coop Wicked Chicken

We were lucky to be invited to get a taste of the brunch menu at The Coop Wicked Chicken and we gotta say, it did not disappoint.  There are lots of breakfast sandwiches that will appeal to everyone’s taste, the traditional big breakfast and two variations on the eggs benny.  The showstopper benny is their signature Nashville Chicken Benny – Two poached eggs, crispy chicken, tomato, homemade waffles, coop style nashville hollandaise, smashed chzy nachos; get in my belly!  There are the usual sides available but if you want to step it up a bit, consider trying the Tater Tot Poutine – crispy tots, chz curds, sriracha, white gravy, fried egg, bacon.  The Coop also has a full drink menu (hair of the dog right?) that includes an amazing deviled Caesar –  Smirnoff® Vodka, Clamato Juice, spices, deviled egg with bacon.  I went with the non-alcoholic version but it was still super tasty.

If we could only have one thing on the menu it would be the Chzy Chorizo Sandwich (mostly because I love chorizo), fried egg, pimento chz, tomato, chorizo patty, jalapeño herb chimichurri on a toasted buttered english muffin or sesame bun.

Sid’s Pick:  At The Coop it’s the Nashville Chicken Benny for Sid, an outstanding choice!

Also not on the brunch menu but not to be missed are the shakes – more of a dessert than a drink but hey, we don’t judge.

What you need to know: Brunch is served weekends 10am-2pm and if you wear your pajamas you get 10% off (for real!).  Most items can be made vegetarian so don’t let the name fool you.

Culaccino Bar & Kitchen 

NOTE:  Offered in summer season only

Brunch at Culaccino is similar to what they try to achieve with their lunch and dinner menu – chef inspired from scratch food.  Although they do serve the classics such as omelettes and eggs benedict’s, they have been known to try fun takes on brunch including the popular Breakfast Pizza, Fried Chicken and Waffles, and an Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich. They also are in the process of creating a unique Brunch Board, which gives guests the option of choosing a few items on the menu and having them presented on beautiful live edge wood boards as a sharable family style meal. Guests can pay per head and sample many of their great brunch items – yes please! This solves the age old which item to choose problem.

Not only do Culaccino pride themselves in a unique brunch experience with their food, but also on the beverage side as well. Guests can enjoy the large variety of craft beers including some specialty breakfast beers: Breakfast Wheat from Silversmith Brewing or Breakfast with Tiffany, a French Toast porter from Bell City Brewing. Also on the cocktail menu is their “Culaccino Caesar” that comes with a piece of signature fried chicken on top (picture below), Fresh Juice Mimosas,  Espresso Martini, Morning Negroni, and spiked Ice Coffee (coffee, Kahlua, and Baileys). Don’t worry if beer & cocktails aren’t your thing, they have lots of non-alcoholic drinks as well.

So what is the must try item…. “Our Fried Chicken and Waffles is a must try. Our signature Culaccino Fried Chicken, Savoury waffles, topped with a creamy Chicken Gravy and herbs, has been a fan favourite. Another great seller has been our breakfast Pizza which is exactly what it sounds like, Breakfast on a pizza!! although it changes week to week, it normally consists of Pancetta, red onions, fresh mozzarella, with a couple eggs baked into it.”

Sid’s Pick: This was a tough call for Sid with Chicken and Waffles taking the win but the Breakfast Pizza coming in a very close second

What you need to know:  Brunch is offered 11:30am-3pm on Sundays. Although not required, reservations can be taken and are recommended for larger groups.

Rust Bistro Bar

Rush Bistro Bar is a relative new kid on the block in Burlington but they have brought their best since opening the doors, you won’t be disappointed. The brunch menu at Rust features seasonal fresh offerings with a twist on the classics. Chorizo eggs benedict (chorizo, mango jalapeno relish, cheddar cheese, avocado, hollandaise, cilantro)  Jerk chicken clubhouse, a classic triple decker with jerk marinated chicken, avocado mayo, grilled pineapple salsa. And thank you, thank you very much …. the Elvis French toast- stuffed with peanut butter and jam topped with bananas foster, bacon and whip cream.  Don’t worry if your palate craves something more traditional they also have blueberry pancakes, tuna nicoise salad, croque monsieur, bacon and eggs.

So when we asked what the must try brunch item is, the team at Rust Bistro Bar told us it’s the Chorizo eggs benedict and I can’t wait to get there and try it.


Sid’s Pick: Looks like Sid and the team at Rust agree – he also chose the Chorizo Eggs Benny – we’re with you, it looks amazing!

Photo Credit: Sid Friedman

What you need to know: Brunch is served Sundays only from 11am-3pm and reservations are recommended.

Spencer’s at the Waterfront

Spencer’s at the Waterfront has long been a favourite brunch location here in Burlington.  You can eat a marche style brunch complete with bottomless mimosas and bloody caesars. Need we say more? Fresh shucked oysters, king crab, made-to-order waffles, omelettes and crepes, eggs benny, roast beef, roast ham, fresh squeezed juice, smoothies, house made pastries and a chocolate fountain! And more, much, much more! Aside from the food & drink, Spencer’s at the Waterfront also features the best lakefront views that Burlington has to offer.

We have to agree with their must try choice (you had me at king crab!), it’s their abundance of fresh seafood – freshly shucked oysters, clams and mussels, snow and king crab.

Sid’s Pick: Sid’s fav items at Sunday Brunch, Crab Legs, Oysters and the made to order Crepe and Omelette stations………and endless Mimosas!

What you need to know: Brunch is every Sunday from 9:30am-2:30pm. Reservations are strongly recommended. Spencer’s at the Waterfront is an #FeastON certified restaurant with a commitment to locally sourced ingredients

We sure are seeing a lot of variations on the Caesar, maybe we need to do some research for another post ; )

So there you have it, some weekend brunch inspiration. Here is the full list of brunch locations in Burlington in case you need more ideas.  Be sure to comment below and tell us your favourite location and menu items.  Bon Appetit!

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