Team Burlington

Burlington has brought the major city economic development organizations together to form a dynamic team that is focused on the creation of a progressive and dynamic city with a unique approach for business development services.  Team Burlington has undertaken a number of successful initiatives, including developing a common brand image that captures the characteristics of what Burlington has to offer and moving four of the partners into one location to enhance economies of scale and promote communications.  The Team also organizes a Business Summit that brings together local business experts and Burlington businesses to celebrate Burlington’s “home field advantage”. (refer to additional details below)

Beyond its borders Team Burlington is revered as one of the reasons that the community is seen as “leading edge”.  The Team has been recognized by the American Planning Association and the Economic Development Council of Ontario as a best practice and the one-stop-shop image for investors projects a business community that is cohesive and successful.

For further information contact the team members websites:

Team Burlington Members



Business/Organization Name Address Phone Number Website
Aldershot Village BIA 195 Plains Road E. 905.320.4785
Burlington Chamber of Commerce 414 Locust Street 905.639.0174
Burlington Downtown Business Association 414 Locust Street 905.333.9868
Burlington Economic Development Corporation 414 Locust Street 905.332.9415
City of Burlington Parks & Recreation 426 Brant Street 905.335.7736
Business/Organization Name Address Phone Number Website