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24 hours kid free

by Guest Writer

In my mid-20s I happily spent 24 hours mountain biking and one time on vacation in France, I opted to sleep every other night to save on hotel cost. Now, in my mid-40s, at the prospect of 24 hours sans kids and responsibilities, I couldn’t be less interested in adventure. I just wanted to eat great food, listen to inappropriate music, and sleep.

And that is exactly what we did. Glorious!

In the past when my mom has taken our boys overnight we head off to Niagara or Toronto or even to New York. This time we decided to stay local so thought I’d share our 24-hour kid free date in Burlington, well at least the parts that are shareable of course 😉

We moved back to Burlington just over 3 years ago but have never just wandered around downtown. Like most parents we’re pretty task focused when we go into stores and don’t spend time browsing. So our first stop was walking around downtown perusing the post Christmas sales, all at a leisurely pace.

We shopped for artwork and a couple small furniture pieces at InHouse and Elizabeth Interiors, I found pants made for us tall gals at Joelle’s, and I admired all the lovely cooking gear at Stir Kitchen. I had hoped to check out the relatively new Stone Soupology but we ran out of time and energy, next time for sure.

Snack time! No animal shaped treats for us. We stopped in to Kelly’s Bake Shop to pick up World Peace cookies and then made our way up to the new Tamp Coffee location on Brant St.

kid free tamp

I’d love to share that we talked and laughed while we sipped our excellent coffee. But this is modern reality. We opened up our iPads and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt spending an hour on social channels that had absolutely no purpose other than to entertain.

Things take a strange turn at this point but I’m sure every parent drowning in post holiday cardboard and plastic will totally understand. After walking home (holding hands!) we cranked the tunes to house shaking levels and cleared out all the Christmas debris. Then we packaged up all the forgotten and outgrown toys, no discreet smuggling needed.

Our favourite restaurant in Burlington is The Alex. We like the small plate style, cozy atmosphere, and it’s an easy walk from our house. With a little extra time, we decided to Uber over to Hamilton and try one of its sister restaurants. I love tacos and wasn’t disappointed at The Mule. Great fun vibe and our little high top table was perfect for lots of close talking. (Cue the after school special music.)

kid free mule

The real beauty in a 24-hour date is waking up when you wake up, no alarms or kids calling out. Coffee, the news, and then for the first time since before kids we went for brunch. I’m either a greasy spoon diner or fancy pants resto kinda girl. After our night of tacos and wine we opted for healthy and fueled up at Lettuce Love Café – delicious!

kid free lettucelove

We finished off our 24 hour date at the theatre sharing a big bowl off popcorn and watching The Force Awakens.

kid free movie

So glad we stayed local and explored our own backyard for our big date. Burlington has so many fun places to hang out. I can’t wait until next time!

Kathryn_photo_profile_cropKathryn Lagden is one half of the dynamic duo behind, a community website helping parents find family-focused events and activities in Burlington. She grew up in Headon Forest, moved to Toronto for 15 years, and happily came home a few years ago to settle with her family in the downtown core.


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